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All About Us

How It All Started

Thank you for visiting! You’re probably here because your trying to find a great web designer to help your business. Let me tell you you’re in the right hands and here is why. I’ve been a huge technology geek my whole life I’ve done a lot with computers and technology. I currently design websites in my spare time on my days off from my other job at a local isp. At the isp I focus primarily on businesses so in the past 4 years I’ve learned a lot about businesses and how the do things and their advertising needs. About 4 years ago a friend of mine (also my first customer) asked if i could help design a page for a business he just started. Being the person i am i could not pass up this opportunity. I tried different platforms and templates but one really stood out over the rest with all that’s included so i invested and became a pro member for that particular brand. I finished my friends page in a few days with everything that was needed. I even helped him with another important feature, Google my business. The work does not end there, I work on a monthly basis to make sure content is updated and things are running smoothly. His call volume increased significantly since I completed his work and his bottom line is looking really strong. Since then I decided to go full steam ahead so I started growing and fully investing in my brand. To this day I have since evolved and learned many new techniques and have a wide variety of web templates to choose from not limited to one provider and a variety of other valuable services aside from web design alone. I learned a lot and evolved over the period of time since i began, I’ve done hours of research on topics such as SEO that is so important to have imbedded in your website if you want local traffic. I absolutely love doing this! I’m seeing business that might need a little help and I’m able to give them the boost they need for their bottom line. So far all together I have a good number of accounts that I work with. I am ready to take on more and keep my company growing, and most of all I'm ready to serve you and help your business succeed!

Affordable Web Design
Affordale Web Design